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DevZone TechTalk – Across the peaks and to new heights with AI at SUSE

In our latest SUSE DevZone TechTalk video, Marco Varlese talks us through the AI journey at SUSE and shares lots of useful information on what we're doing, why we're doing it this way, where we are now and what comes ...
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DevZone TechTalk – Keep thousands of packages up to date and secure? Hold my beer…

In this episode Marco Varlese is joined by Marina Latini, Marcus Meissner and Zoltan Balogh from SUSE's Maintenance and Quality Assurance department to discuss how we're doing security updates and maintenance for our Enterprise Linux distributions. If your software is ...
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SUSE DevZone Talk #1 – SUSE Cloud Application Platform Developer Sandbox

In the first episode of our new "DevZone Talk" Webinar series, Chris Branston sat down with Andrew Gracey and Tim Irnich from the SUSE Developer Community and walks through the brand-new SUSE Cloud Application Developer Sandbox. The Sandbox is a ...
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SUSE DevZone TechTalk – Kubernetes networking

Watch SUSE’s Architect Developer Technologies and AI/ML Marco Varlese sit down with Manuel Buil and Michal Rostecki to talk about Kubernetes, parallelism with other networking stacks, Cilium and Istio/Envoy ...
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